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"Outstanding therapy .The staff is professional and very friendly "
Mar 13, 2018
"I have been treated at body and balance with great concern and care for over a year with several conditions. During this time I have been receiving exercise, message, and aqua therapy. I'm so happy how the treatment overall has improved my chronic pain issues. I have learned how to continue with exercises to help in my daily activities. The staff here are all great. I'm so thankful for all their assistance. "
Mar 13, 2018
"VICKY was outstanding and really helped with my knee pain thank you so much"
Mar 12, 2018
"Great facility and staff, very professional and helpful"
Mar 06, 2018
"Body & Balance handled my situation very professionally. I'm very satisfied with the result of my treatment."
Mar 06, 2018
"I'm very happy with the professional advice I have been given."
Mar 05, 2018
"Everything was very helpful. Feel better. Walk better. Great job."
Mar 02, 2018
Mar 01, 2018
"Best service"
Feb 28, 2018
"Exemplary patient relationship. Concise. Patient and through in all directions with verification that exercises are understood and are performed in best performance ability. It was my fortunate luck in having Erica as my PT and Olivia as her PTA. Both are extremely well informed and at all times confirming with me on how I was progressing and total commitment to my physical safety and well being. I requested to my physician to be treated here, and will be telling her that you performed beyond my expectations."
Feb 21, 2018
"Body and Balance has done an exceptional job of teaching me exercises and ways to prevent problems with my neck. Vicky has been a huge help. If not for her, I would still be a extreme pain. Thank you."
Feb 20, 2018
"Staff very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. "
Feb 20, 2018
"Daniel was very very good. So was staff."
Feb 09, 2018
"Excellent service and friendly staff."
Feb 08, 2018
"Excellent service given. My condition has improved . "
Feb 08, 2018
"The staff were all really friendly and knowledgeable! "
Feb 07, 2018
" It has help me a lot to get and feel better."
Feb 07, 2018
"Service has been excellent. VICKY HAS BEEN GREAT"
Feb 02, 2018
"Love this place and the staff"
Feb 01, 2018
"Vicky was very experienced, good at her job and extremely helpful to me. I would recommend her services to others. The staff was good. Irene was very knowledgeable and helpful. I will recommend Body and Balance to others in need of physical therapy."
Jan 31, 2018
"Everyone was always friendly and very helpful. I liked receiving copies of the exercises to use at home. I really enjoyed the variety of exercises taught to me and allowed me to practice. It made me more aware of how important my core and alignment is. Thanks for pushing me past my limits. I'll miss this place, but very happy with my progress! Thanks to all staff who helped me be successful! "
Jan 30, 2018
"Pleasant experience, friendly, knowledgeable staff. "
Jan 22, 2018
"Office staff very helpful with issues and appointments. Therapy staff extremely well trained and explained everything going on. "
Jan 15, 2018
"All around excellent service. Always on time, always courteous + professional."
Jan 15, 2018
"I am very satisfied with my PT. She did an outstanding job. I will recommend to my friends."
Jan 09, 2018
"My therapist was Daniel. He was a tremendous help. I didn't think I would've healed this well. I knew it might take some time but the whole crew who helped me, made it go by in a breeze. This office made me feel at ease and gave me the tools and confidence I needed to get my knee in the best shape. "
Jan 09, 2018
"Office is clean and comfortable. Staff is professional and easygoing."
Jan 05, 2018
"FRIENDLY staff. My therapist Daniel was knowledgeable and really listens to my concerns , addresses them and find ways to help reduce the problem. "
Jan 04, 2018
"I really recommend Body in Balance PT to everybody. My experience here was really excellent especially with my therapist, Alistair Polido. When i came here my pain was more than 10/10, but now I have very little or no pain. It's nothing like it was before. Also, all of the aides were very nice to me."
Jan 03, 2018
"Veronica had been very knowledgeable, dependable and really hit the hard, achy areas on my shoulder. The staff are very friendly and provided great service. I would highly recommend this place to family and friends."
Jan 02, 2018
"Evan has given me the necessary tools that I need to help me when I have muscle spasms, and tightness. With the exercises he has given me and all that he has done, I feel confident that I know what I need to do to help me feel better. The staff here has been amazing. I'm so blessed that my doctor referred me to Body in Balance. Thank you!"
Dec 29, 2017
"Very helpful and pleasant staff: very accommodating with scheduling due to my commute. Erica very attentive to my gym issues and helped recognize function and form issues and helped with corrections. Would definitely recommend to others. "
Dec 28, 2017
"Excellent, excellent service from Vicki. All staff are friendly and courteous. I will recommend this place to all my friends or anyone. Thank you so much for all your help Body and Balance!"
Dec 28, 2017
"My experience was fantastic.I could not be more pleased.Every one was very professional .I would recommend this facility to anyone needing any type of rehab."
Dec 21, 2017
"Everyone was wonderful and very informative. The therapist was very attentive to my pain and suffering was very experienced. She was an excellent listener. Great instructions on exercise and willing to go over them again if I didn't get it right. "
Dec 20, 2017
"I had the best treatment and care the whole time ... the staff here are amazing . Alicia, was very informative, and caring . I learned a lot from her for my future self care , and loved her encouragement with my fitness goals "
Dec 14, 2017
"Sharon P. Ancheta "
Dec 14, 2017
"I am completely happy with my experience at Body in Balance. The staff is very professional, from the front office to the therapists. The scheduling was flexible and I will definitely recommend this facility to others. "
Dec 12, 2017
"Facility satisfied my therapist Vicky Dela Cruz very courteous and help me feeling better every time she's treating me excellent job and your employees, outstanding overall. Thank you to all you wonderful people."
Dec 11, 2017
"Excellent care Vickie is outstanding "
Dec 08, 2017
"Faculties were clean, equipment was well maintained, and the therapists were knowledgeable in there use. Staff was always helpful and friendly. I enjoyed using the facility, I just wish the Vacaville location had a pool."
Dec 08, 2017
"It's the best ever! I keep coming back. It will make my life much easier in the coming months. Vicky and the staff are great as always. "
Dec 07, 2017
"Very satisfied "
Dec 05, 2017
"Great improvement acquired. "
Dec 05, 2017
"Very happy with the treatment. Came her last year after hurting my back and missing out on running a marathon I signed up for. I also had knee pain. This year I ran the marathon without back and knee problems! Thank you soooo very much"
Dec 05, 2017
"When I first came to body in balance I was somewhat skeptical but my feelings changed after just a couple of sessions. My therapist, Alicia, was superb, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would recommend her very highly to anyone needing physical therapy. "
Nov 30, 2017
"I was very satisfied with my care here. They respected me and dido everything they could to help me."
Nov 28, 2017
"Very nice staff. Well taken care of. Elbow feels good. Thank you."
Nov 28, 2017
"I am very happy with the treaments I have been given and I would recommend this facility to everyone."
Nov 27, 2017
"The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I came in with a lower back problem and they worked with me though many sessions. Every question I had they would answer with experience and very knowledgeable of how I felt. I would highly recommend Body in Balance to anyone that needs any physical therapy work done. Thank you so much my quality of life is so much better."
Nov 20, 2017
"GREAT JOB! All personnel were very patient, caring, detailed, polite, and respectful. I improved in my condition since the beginning. I used to fall but now I am able to walk well. I would definitely recommend for others, especially elderly people. "
Nov 16, 2017
"I feel my sessions with Daniel at Body in Balance have been very beneficial. The pain and weakness in my knee has gone away . The exercises and advice from Daniel has helped my knee pain go away completely. Thank you. Mary"
Nov 15, 2017
"I received excellent service from Vicky. "
Nov 15, 2017
"My daughter (age 14) began physical therapy with constant spine pain. Alisha has been a game changer for her. I cannot express my gratitude for her hard work and care. She listens and understands the issue. Cares about her patient and is so incredibly knowledgeable. My view on physical therapy and just how much it can help is forever changed. "
Nov 09, 2017
"Alisha was a super therapist: very knowledgeable, sympathetic yet tough task master and motivational teacher. I arrived unable to complete simple activities of daily life because of back pain, and now I am pain-free and confident that I know how to stay that way. "
Nov 09, 2017
"Everyone here at Body in Balance are friendly, professional, and give positive care. Vicki and Martha have been able to help me make progress and strengthen after my surgeries. Irene and Jessica in the office are so very helpful in making sure all paperwork and appointments are easy. I would give a big Bravo to all of them "
Nov 07, 2017
"Excellent!!!!!! I already recommended three people here. "
Nov 06, 2017
"Alicia is a superb therapist! I have been very pleased with the results. The exercises she's given me have helped emensly. If I would have to have physical therapy again I would certainly would ask for Alicia again. I would highly recommend her to my friends and neighbors."
Nov 06, 2017
"I send all mine friends to Body and Balance. Everyone is wonderful."
Nov 03, 2017
"Highly recommend this clinic. Everyone has been kind and encouraging. "
Oct 30, 2017
"I'm very satisfied with TX that was provided to me. Alisha is the best and all the assistant s. Thanks so much."
Oct 25, 2017
"I am very pleased with the entire staff here. The have helped me understand what exercises will help me and why. They have been really helpful in relieving my back and sciatic pain. The water therapy helped me a lot I am able to do a lot of those at the pool at the Kroc center on my own. I would and have recommended Bodyinbalancephysicaltherapy to anyone who needs help "
Oct 16, 2017
"I have been very satisfied with Body and Balance. I have been treated with much care and respect. I have recommended B and B to many people . I hopefully will be returning to B and Balance in the future with my Workman s Comp injuries."
Oct 11, 2017
"Everything was wonderful. Everyone was kind and caring. "
Oct 11, 2017
"David Kamimura displayed both competence and compassion dealing with my shoulder pain. His care as wfa was the care of the therapy aides in giving my exercises in the clinic made me feel at ease during the sessions. Special praise to Danny and Irene. Give them Araiss"
Oct 04, 2017
"Everyone was great! I am very pleased and I'd advise anyone who needs therapy to come home."
Aug 04, 2017
"Victoria Dela Cruz is skillful and knowledgeable in her line of work. To me, I will grade her an "A+" compared to what I experienced before. For this, I will highly without hesitation recommend her to anybody needing this kind of treatment. And I thank you for all the excellent work she did to me!"
Aug 03, 2017
"Excellente Alisha y marisol fueron muy lindas therapistas"
Aug 01, 2017
"Enjoyed every minute"
Jul 28, 2017
"I have gained so much confidence and will be starting an exercise program next week to get back into shape,, Thanks to all the people here who are friendly and keep me in focus. I will continue with the exercises I learned. Cannot say enough good things,"
Jul 25, 2017
"Good results. The staff made it very enjoyable."
Jul 24, 2017
"Noticed my experience and Body and Balance has been fruitful in great feeling a lot better painless is amazingly subsided and looking have come back about a balance if I have any further problems"
Jul 20, 2017
"May buena experiencia, me curaron rapido Alicia y Marigold son profesionales you hamables"
Jul 17, 2017
"I made progress working with my therapist at Body in Balance. I liked coming to this facility. I would come back again if necessary."
Jul 17, 2017
"Alisha was great! She explained everything thoroughly and helped my daughter recover the best way possible! Thanks Alisha and Body in Balance! Wonderful experience! Pain free and complete recovery!!!"
Jul 12, 2017
"Clean facility and I was fortunate to have an excellent physical theapist, definite improvement in my balance and core,"
Jul 11, 2017
"Very good"
Jul 11, 2017
"The staff here is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. This was a pleasant experience and I am very pleased with my progress. If I need help in the future, I will come here."
Jul 11, 2017
"I have had the best results from my physical therapy because of the education, training in doing the exercises, using ice therapy, aquatics therapy, and encouragement."
Jul 07, 2017
"Best thing I ever did"
Jul 06, 2017
"Ithe was much more than I thought it would be it was great"
Jul 05, 2017
"Daniel was great. He listened and responded to my needs in a fashion that worked very well for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help. Great therapist."
Jul 03, 2017
"I was very satisfied with the therapy I received. The therapist was very knowledgeable and professional. She provided me with explicit instructions to augment my therapy at home."
Jun 30, 2017
"They are very responsive to any questions I have especially Alisha. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The treatment is excellent and the people and employees are very friendly."
Jun 29, 2017
"I really enjoyed my time here and my therapist,Vicky, was very helpful. Overall a very great experience!"
Jun 21, 2017
"The entire staff is professional and caring. Compared to past experiences at other facilities Body in Balance exceeded all expectations. Edy and Adriana were both positive and encouraging."
Jun 19, 2017
"This office very helpful and accomodating."
Jun 16, 2017
"I came in for physical therapy because I was in severe pain, when my therapy was finished I was feeling much better. Very pleased with Edy and all her staff."
Jun 12, 2017
"I was very satisfied with the treatment at this facility."
Jun 12, 2017
"Truly it was a pleasure to receive my therapy at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. I have received physical therapy in the past for other joint replacement and knee surgeries and none compare to the level of care that I received at Body in Balance. My therapist, Sara, was outstanding. She was knowledgably, courteous, on time, flexible with appointments, caring and always had a smile on. The rest of the staff where just as helpful and professional; especially Megan. I don’t know how many times she had to change and reschedule appointments for me and she never had an attitude about having to make so many changes to meet my medical needs. Over all, it’s an outstanding place to go for physical therapy."
Jun 08, 2017
"Love the treatment"
Jun 08, 2017
"Love the place"
Jun 08, 2017
"Outstanding Physical Therapist and associated staff. Office staff very friendly and helpful! My recovery from total knee replacement was expedited by their expertise and professionalism. Facility very good!"
Jun 07, 2017
"Both Daniel and aide I renewed could not have given more quality . They were very professional in every phase of my treatment."
Jun 06, 2017
"Edit excellent at getting to the problem and solving it. Others follow her lead very well"
Jun 05, 2017
"I was very satisfied with the treaments."
Jun 05, 2017
"5 stars"
Jun 05, 2017
"Probably the best physical therapy I've ever had. As a chronic sufferer of back pain and spasms, Ibe been to a few therapists but none compare to the care I received at Body In Balance. The entire staff are compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and patient centered. The combination of different types of therapy addressed my issues and while they aren't completely resolved, I am on my way to recovery thanks to Body in Balance."
Jun 02, 2017
"Excellent job"
Jun 01, 2017
"The entire staff here at Body in Balance was highly professional and warm and friendly. Both staff and Aleisha worked together to fix me. I didn't think it was possible!"
May 30, 2017
"Excellent service with Victoria Dela Cruz and aides. They are subject expert on their professions."
May 24, 2017
"Absolutely love Body In Balance. When I in need of a follow-up for an ongoing condition or an injury this is where I go. Vicki and Christine are amazing! The office staff is always wonderful and professional. I highly recommend this physical therapy facility."
May 24, 2017
"Very thorough p.the. All the staff are friendly and competent."
May 23, 2017
"Everyone was wonderful!! Aisha and Martha were great !! I will miss them both."
May 18, 2017
"Service great"
May 15, 2017
"Sarah was very kind and sensative"
May 15, 2017
"Beautiful facility fantastic staff they took great care of my mom who is 80 that made me so happy I felt she was very safe there and that was important"
May 11, 2017
"My experience here was very pleasant."
May 11, 2017
"My primary Therapist was outstanding. The helpers were great also."
May 08, 2017
"Very good experience. Was able to obtain great movement and good strength to my right shoulder and right arm. Thank you to team Body in Balance."
May 05, 2017
"On target, helpful very effective treatment plan by physical therapist Daniel Kamimura. Friendly, courteous, helpful staff. Feel great, much improved. Appreciate that orthopedist Andrew Brooks, MD, referred me to Body in Balance Physical Therapy Land & Water. 5 stars!"
May 04, 2017
"Excellence in all aspects"
May 03, 2017
"I had a very enjoyable and pleasant time. It was very productive and I enjoyed the many and varied conversations I had with your wonderful staff. The final result on rehabilitating my total knee replacement was fantastic. Better than the original. I can walk and do things I could only do 35 years ago without pain."
May 02, 2017
"It was great. Alisha was very knowledgeable and communicated in a very easy to understand manner. Thank you."
May 01, 2017
"I'm very pleased with the service."
Apr 27, 2017
"Best physical therapy clinics in area. Highly trained and professional staff. Warm and caring client care Edy is very attentive and empathic in listening to my needs not to mention her magical healing touch. Availability of land and water therapy a ++"
Apr 26, 2017